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Portfolio Category: Website Design

Sport Tipster

The aim of this Wordpress Bespoke Template was to transform a personal blog into a striking Community Portal where members can read sport articles, but also see realtime info about football leagues, as well as interacting with each other and play bespoke games.

The Ormond

This was a re-development of a brand new Wordpress Template based on their old website. The client wanted to completely renew their branding and the website look and feel, as well as having a website which is easy to browse and that meets the modern web standards in terms of style and features.

Gabriel’s Lyre

The client wanted a very simple website, with just the basic information, and gave me complete freedom for the graphic design. He just asked for something which was horror themed and that it would stand out.

Tom’s Van

The client had a fun logo and wanted a website which would give the same feel to the visitors, and yet be clean and professional. The Van and the road/trees were bespoke drawn by me, and they have been made in high resolution too, in order to be used in prints for flyers and such.

Prepaid Funeral Plans

This template was made for a tech savvy client who required it to be flexible and allow him to easily change/add some layout elements, rather than just manage the content.